Throughout my life I have sought understanding and meaning through the creative act of making art. I am drawn to the tactile, as well as the visual, and my work always involves an explorative engagement with surface and material. To me, the process is as important as the concept; it is through this that the ideas and experiences of my practice evolve.

Since moving to Cornwall in 2001, much of the focus for my work has come from the industrial shoreline areas of the Penwith district, particularly around the port of Newlyn. Man-made corroded, disintegrated, and defunct objects and surfaces, largely linked to the fishing industry, speak of history, intrigue, and an uncertain future. Slowly transformed by natural elements, they reveal new artistic qualities and possibilities; this informs my subject matter, and inspires my working method, which is as much about construction as de-construction.

In response to surface exploration, I take direct material prints on disparate pieces of cloth, which are then integrated, and structured into collages; patterns, symbols, and motifs emerge, and change, as a series of work develops. I seek to achieve a resonance between the industrial, elemental, and inner processes that create my art work, and a sense of transformation and alchemy.